Jeeravan Masala

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To spice up your morning poha you can add Indian Jeeravan masala. it is used to make Indian poha and very famous taste enhance. It is wildly used in poha, salad, vada, sprouts, hips, samosa, kachodi, omelette, etc. to spice up your breakfast.


Let me paint a picture for you, of a culinary masterpiece that is jeeravan masala. Like a
skilled artist, the blend of spices in this masala has been carefully crafted to create a
symphony of flavours that dance on your taste buds.

First, imagine the warm and earthy tones of cumin, like a rich ochre pigment that forms the
base of a masterpiece. Then, add the sharpness of black pepper, as fine lines etched onto a
canvas, providing depth and texture to the composition.

As the painting takes shape, the warm and comforting aroma of cinnamon comes in, like a
soothing brushstroke that blends the flavours together seamlessly. And just when you think
the painting is complete, a burst of fiery red chilli powder adds a pop of colour and intensity,
like a bold stroke of crimson that draws the eye.

But the artist’s work is not done yet. To balance out the complex flavours, the sweetness of
fennel and the tanginess of amchur are added, like a subtle blend of shades that highlights
the beauty of the entire piece.

This jeeravan masala, like a masterpiece created by a skilled artist, is a thing of beauty that
elevates every dish it touches. It transforms the mundane into the extraordinary and brings
a burst of flavour to your breakfast like no other spice can.

So, the next time you sprinkle jeeravan masala onto your poha, vada, or omelette, take a
moment to appreciate the artistry that went into its creation. For this masala is not just a
blend of spices, it is a masterpiece of flavour that adds depth, richness, and beauty to every
dish it graces.


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